• AIKE cable,which was the largest ever in Asia

    The cable production base is located in the name of the eastern Ruhr

    Shenyang, founded in 1998, accumulated 20 years of cable research

    Experience in production.



    AIKE cable, an area of more than 200 mu of production base,

    Product strategic positioning professional research and development and professional production of mineral insulation

    Cable in one of the enterprises, and is committed to becoming the world's first class

    Mineral insulated cable research and development and production of an enterprise.

    The AIKE mineral insulated cable is a strategic product that has been invested in 2012.

    Today, we have invested 5 million meters in 6 capacity and 10 million meters, six, and six.

    A series of mineral insulated cable production lines, dedicated to making the world's largest

    Mineral insulated cable production base.


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    Human resources

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    The four street of the pump valve of the Shenyang pump valve industrial park, China